Arizona Renaissance Festival


What good would a renaissance festival be without some good, old-fashioned competition? We have a number of contests that guests can partake in that range across all age types!

The different contests we have to offer are as follows:

Costume Contest

Year after year, so many talented lords and ladies come through our doors dressed as authentically medieval as even the Queen could imagine.

If you think your outfit is up to snuff, then this is the contest for you! Come one, come all and pit your well-crafted armor and seamed tunics against one another to see who is fairest tailor of them all! Or, if the competition doesn't fit your fancy, then come around and have fun!

No prior sign-up necessary! All guests are welcome to sign-up for the competition at any point prior to its start!

Bow and Arrow Target Contest

Although this may seem a little more treacherous than the other contests, fear not! Even if you're not adept at the bow and arrow, we have a number of guides that are willing and able to show you a thing or two about taking a shot.

Competitions are set up into two groups — pros and beginners.

Pros will conduct their contest on the longer shooting ranges with an attendant at the ready. Guests who would like to partake in this pro competition must show that they are above the skill level required to participate.

Beginners are given a short lesson on how to shoot an arrow and are coached throughout their turn in the competition. For safety precautions, beginners are not allowed to hold or hoist the bow without an attendant helping them. All shooting ranges are separate from the competition and carefully laid out to keep everyone out of harm's way. Our guides are trained professionals and will aid all guests in making sure that all safety precauations are being met.

Regardless of which group a contestant is in, guests are expected to fully comply with a guide's instructions. Failure to do so may end in being removed from the park without refund. We are all here to have fun; however, safety is of our utmost importance and any hindrance to such will be taken extremely seriously.

Strength Contest

Want to be renowned as the strongest denizen in all the land? Then this competition is for you!

Strength contests will be comprised of two major events — arm wrestling and hitting the high striker.

Guests will first be asked to hit the high striker in order to weed out the weak from the brawny. The guests with the ten highest scores will then be broken up into pairs and engage in a tournament of arm wrestling to see who the true warrior really is.

All guests are welcome to both participating and watching the competitions as they will all be public. So come around and have some fun with your fellow festival-goers!

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